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I had been taking driving lessons for several years, but had failed to achieve the standard of driving I needed in order to pass my driving test. When I met Michael Barker, he was a calm, professional, very patient and competent instructor, and within a few months of lessons, I managed to pass my test on the first go! I really appreciated the way he encouraged me throughout my driving, and always took time to concentrate on my weak spots even if it meant going over them a hundred times before I improved on these points! I highly recommend Michael as driving instructor who will help driving students achieve their goals.
Having driven for several years in another country, I basically had to start all over again when it came to learning how to drive in the UK! Michael was very good at helping me forget my old driving habits, and learn the ones required to drive in the UK and to pass the required driving test. He was always patient during the lessons, and taught me how to change my mindset and driving style in a short span of time. When I didn’t pass my test for the first time, he kept encouraging me not to give up, and worked hard to help me overcome my driving weaknesses. I recommend Michael as a patient and very encouraging instructor. He is the best instructor I’ve ever had!
Thank you Mike for the lessons I had. Im so happy Ive passed, you was a really patient with me which made it easier for me to understand. Also you explained everything in detail to me and made sure I understood everything before we moved onto the next topic. Many thanks again, Katherine Thacker


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